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Changing Lives

English proficiency allows a person to unlock a world of possibilities.

Beyond the benefit of communicating more effectively, English proficiency:

  • Increases self confidence,
  • Opens doors to educational attainment, and
  • Clears a path to economic opportunities and upward mobility

Content That Keeps Students Interested

To help students' improve English proficiency, we've developed instructional lessons that capture and maintain their attention.

We deliver online lessons that are designed as narrative stories with educational principles woven in. They’re stories with challenges that students’ tackle in real life, like:

  • Scrambling to pay for school,
  • Coping with the stress of school, and
  • Enduring a busy life

By linking the educational content with everyday life experiences, students can relate to the lessons and more readily develop their skills.

Sound Instructional Design

The lessons are much more than just stories. They’re comprised of proven instructional approaches that include:

  • Clear explanations of the learning outcomes,
  • Bloom’s level objectives for each lesson, and
  • Lessons that convey fundamental skills including goal setting and time management

Our courses are innovative, effective, and easy to implement.

"The central character is Jennifer. She's the students’ learning coach and peer. She’s going to school, holding down a job, and mothering two young children. It’s a busy life and she's had to juggle all of her priorities.

Like many students, she's struggled, endured failures, and persevered."

User Friendly

Students want courses that are easy-to-use.  We’ve taken great care to ensure that our courses are easily navigated.

Our intuitive user interface enables students to quickly access course and account information.

Even users new to computers find the system is user friendly. Read more

Extensive Content

Our courses consist of 108 separate modules.

In addition to the emphasis on English proficiency, we provide courses on Time Management, Goal Setting, and Active Learning.

These lessons focus on overcoming the key challenges that students face in learning and the job market. Read more

Progress Tracking

Our courses gather student performance information and provide access to vital reports.

Because students’ progress is constantly tracked, their need for timely help and encouragement can be promptly recognized.

This vigilance to student progress helps keep students on track. Read more


This course isn’t just an “information dump.” Its graphics, its interactivity, and the use of a Learning Coach to walk the student through the lessons, make it very appealing.

-Matt Birkenhauer, Past President of Kentucky Association for Developmental Education, Lecturer at Northern Kentucky University

The anthropomorphic avatar Jennifer and the narrative associated with her are excellent ways of presenting the lesson. Associating the information to be taught with a real person and experience makes the lesson personal and relevant. The majority of students I taught at Community faced the same daily challenges. Seeing Jennifer progress and finally succeed is inspiring to students in the same situation and will enhance interest and comprehension.

-Martin Kenney, Developmental Instructor at Delaware County Community College

Why Our Courses?

  • Addresses key factors for English proficiency
  • Online flexible courses accommodate students’ busy lives
  • Additional courses develop fundamental skills (time management, goal setting, etc.)
  • Easy implementation and continuing support
  • Reasonably priced for students and organizations

A Learning Coach and Peer

Jennifer’s going back to school to improve her job prospects, while she continues to work. It’s a busy life that’s full of daily challenges.

By relating the lessons she’s learned from her experiences in school and in life, she serves as the students’ coach, while also being their peer.

Her experiences are woven into the lessons as compelling stories about circumstances that many students face.

Because they’re stories that students can relate to, the stories capture the students’ attention and enhance their learning.   Read more

To have your questions answered, or to see a demonstration of the courses, you can call us at 1-888-702-6911.

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