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Conquer Advantages

Conquer Education Advantages

How are Conquer Education courses distinctive?

We anticipate the struggles the students face and provide solutions.  We know from research how students best learn, and we’ve incorporated best practices in instructional design so students will reach their goals.

Through addressing their psychocognitive and social needs, we have developed a course with a unique approach. The features of the course include:

  • Introductory lessons on the skills needed for academic success.
  • Clear explanations of the students’ responsibilities.
  • Kinesthetic activities that engage the student.
  • A peer coach that faces work and family challenges throughout the course.
  • Compelling stories interwoven in the lessons that mirror real-world challenges students face, such as applying for financial aid, balancing family and school responsibilities, and interviewing for a job promotion.

Engaging Content

Our courses engage the learner unlike any other courses.  Engagement can be a particular problem for college students. Some students can seem disinterested and become easily distracted. They may not have a full understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the learning process. And, even though they are investing their time and money, they can be resistant to learning new educational material.

To make education effective for these students, there needs to be a level of entertainment. We do that by introducing a story in every lesson. Nearly everyone likes to hear a good story, and that’s what each of our lessons presents. But, these aren’t just run-of-the-mill stories, these are situations that students can relate to.

A virtual coach relates her story to the students.  She has a personal history that students will be able to relate to, and the learning coach’s life circumstances show how course concepts apply directly to the solution of problems in the real world. The virtual coach speaks to students as equals, not as passive objects of instruction, and invites students into the act of learning.

Kinesthetic Learning

Each lesson is designed to engage the major sense-based learning preferences without giving too much emphasis to any one element. However, many students are kinesthetic learners. They like physical interaction. They like to feel in control of what they learn. So, within each lesson students interact with the educational material.  Students can take control and physically interact with the content. These frequent interactions not only give students an opportunity to work with the content in a different way, they also frequently review and sum up major concepts, giving students the major points they need to remember again so that they can be sure they get it.

The goal is engagement and retention. The method is immersion. By introducing the educational content within the context of a story, and by engaging the students by sight, sound, and touch, the students are immersed in the learning content without being immediately assaulted with a lot of unfamiliar words and concepts.

Real-World Application

Conquer Education courses draw on real-world examples to illustrate important concepts. This is strongly reflected in the reading selections, which often reflect pop culture and are written in a variety of forms, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Ad copy
  • Emails
  • Text messages

These everyday examples are balanced with more traditional reading selections to give students a broad and inclusive picture of how reading and writing are essential not just to success in school, but also to success in all aspects of life.

Meaningful Engagement

For every lesson in every Conquer Education course, the goal is to present information in a meaningful way. Each lesson’s scenario invites students into the process of the learning coach solving problems and resolving conflicts. Students don’t simply passively watch each lesson. They grapple with concepts and work through what they need to understand. Each lesson speaks to students on both practical and emotional levels to show how all aspects of reading and writing connect to students’ actual experience. Conquer Education courses help students grasp the real-world uses of the skills they need to succeed in college and beyond.

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