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Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

As students move through an online course, what’s a vital component of ensuring their success?  Tracking their progress.  And, providing feedback.

In our system, accessing student performance is straightforward.

Easy Access to Student Performance

Our reporting features enable students and instructors to track student success with ease. Monitoring a single student’s involvement is as simple as tracking the performance of the entire class. For each student, Conquer Education courses report:Easy Reporting

  • Amount of reading time
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Interaction with instructor though forum or chat
  • Individual reports, which allow students to measure their own progress

Better Detail for Better Instruction

We provide an overview of course mastery and assignment objectives, as well as access to individual student reports. This gives instructors an immediate grasp of overall course effectiveness. Instructors can quickly and easily evaluate a course assignment to see the percentage of students who have passed an objective, or are struggling to complete it. As a result, Conquer Education courses give instructors immediate feedback on areas that require additional support or review. Instructors can quickly target:

  • Students who have logged in and completed assignments
  • Students who are falling behind and need additional support
  • Specific problem areas where individual students are struggling

ReportingAdvantages Outside the Classroom

Course administrators also gain immediate access to reports on instructor and student progress in specific programs. These reports offer insight into the students’ engagement with the course, which can closely correlate with student retention.

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