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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Our Reading Comprehension course is tailored to the learning styles and specific needs of people who want to improve their English proficiency.

It gives students a thorough grounding in the mechanics of reading for meaning. Students get practical strategies to get the most out of anything they read in their daily lives.

Peer-Based Approach

Reading Comprehension speaks directly to students in the voice of a learning coach, a character whose background and experiences are similar to those of many students in Developmental English programs. The course avoids speaking down to students.

Instead, it invites them into the learning coach’s process of understanding and applying concepts and strategies for reading comprehension to specific, real-world situations. In this way, the course mimics peer-based learning practices.

Content Students Need

What Students NeedReading Comprehension covers the principles and practices students need to improve their English proficiency.  It demystifies the act of reading, revealing it to be an activity that students are fully able to grasp and master.

The approach of this course is to cover every aspect of reading that is relevant to success.  The core content students need for reading comprehension is here, presented with an emphasis on engaging the student by making meaningful connections to the student’s life:

  • Strategies for academic success give students tools and ideas for learning more actively and effectively.
  • Lessons on vocabulary show students how to discern and verify the meanings of unknown words.
  • The reading process leads students through the discovery of meaning in texts.
  • Visual reading introduces students to common textbook graphics and how these graphics convey meaning.

Flexibility and Freedom

FlexibilityStudents need flexibility in their schedules to fit in the demands of school, work, family, and other concerns. Reading Comprehension gives them that flexibility, enabling them to proceed at their own pace and take charge of their own learning experience.

In every lesson, the focus is on using the online environment to both challenge and empower students to assume active control of how they learn.

You can contact us to access the course and see for yourself.


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