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Who Are We?

We are believers. We believe that there is no limit to what someone can accomplish with the right resources. We’re inspired by students who overcome adversity to achieve their best lives.

We Share a Vision

While we come from different cities, different socio-economic backgrounds, and we have different philosophies, we share a vision. We believe we are here to marry 21st century technology tools to exceptional, engaging content that helps people learn and fulfill their potential to lead better lives.

Few situations in life are more heartbreaking than seeing a student full of promise end their educational quest and defer their dreams. We recognize that many of the students we are trying to reach have unique challenges. Maybe they are the only one in their family to ever go to school. Maybe they are raising their own family and balancing work, family, and education. Maybe they have low self-esteem and never dared to think they could succeed in school.

We know, however, through our work that these students can learn and can be successful. We also know that if we change one life and help one person reach a higher standard of living, then we’ve also changed the next generation.

We Search for Answers

We have spent our professional lives trying to determine how others learn. We’ve read studies on psycho-cognitive traits of learners, we’ve acquired expertise in instructional design, and we’ve listened to experts talk about the students who “fall through the cracks.” But our most valuable teacher has been experience with students.

Some of us are former university instructors, some of us are writers, and some of us are instructional designers, but we have all mentored students, interviewed students, and worked to devise sound, engaging teaching methods.

We Believe in the Power of Education

We believe an educated society serves us all. Recognizing the financial constraints on the students, the instructors, and the administrators in mentoring students and providing developmental classes, we look for economical ways to deliver technology to students and institutions. Our goal is not to be a billion dollar company. Our goal is to deliver engaging content through technology that helps students achieve their educational goals.

We are not all things to all people. You won’t find us delivering political science courses or art history courses or geometry. We focus on the challenged students and the non-traditional learners who have specific needs. Working with current administrators and instructors, we’ve designed these courses to help students get over their initial challenges when entering college. By pooling our talents together, we design products that are greater than the sum of our parts.

We Are Inspired

We’re inspired by the single mom who works and puts herself through college in order to afford a better life for her children. We’re inspired by the teacher who is offered a larger salary at a corporate job, but chooses to stay in the classroom to help others. We’re inspired by the college administrator who is constantly trying to find new ways and avenues to help students be successful. We’re inspired by you.


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