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Enables Success

Enables Student and Instructor Success

Our courses and delivery system have been specifically tailored for developmental students and their instructors.  Developmental students face their own unique challenges.  And, instructors need to have effective instructional content and easy-to-use tools.

Success targetBecause our courses target the critical areas of learning for developmental students, they help enable success.

Success TargetBut, developmental students can need more than just standard course content.  Many students can benefit from acquiring basic academic skills like goal setting and time management.

We also offer career success modules that guide students through the job search and interviewing process.

From Classroom Success to Career Success

We are committed to student achievement both in college and after graduation, and Conquer Education courses are designed for students of every level. Our courses employ a conversational tone and relatable scenarios that engage the student.Graduation

We provide a full range of visual and aural cues in order to reach out to all kinds of learners. Fundamentally, Conquer Education courses are based on the instructor and administrator-approved idea that classroom success must translate to career success to be truly effective.

To support this, we offer a series of modules on, Academic Success and Career Success. These courses take an imaginative, but no-nonsense, approach to address the critical issue of student achievement.

Academic Success Strategies: Where students learn how to learn

Many of today’s students, especially those returning to school, are not prepared for the demands of college-level coursework. They quickly fall behind and find themselves caught in a constant struggle to catch up to course requirements. Student Success Strategies gives students the study skills they need to succeed in their college career.

Turn students into scholars with:

  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Active learning
  • Improving concentration
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Critical thinking

Career Success: Where students learn how to earn

Students can also struggle when they attempt to enter the workforce in today’s competitive job environment. Career Success gives students the confidence and skills they need to persist and ultimately succeed in the job hunt. It shows them how to project professionalism and competence in every phase of the job-search process.

Turn scholars into employees with:Job Offer

  • Effective job search methods
  • Writing a professional resume
  • The art of the interview
  • Negotiating the job offer
  • First days on the new job


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